Jesus, Bomber — A Poem

Here’s another poem I wrote also while bored on a 12-hour work shift, also religious in nature to this one

Jesus, Bomber

People say there is a God, a divine being.
It’s not a matter of science, but believing.
God sent Jesus to the cross to make things anew.
“Forgive them,” he said. “For the know not what they do.”
He took care of the leper and the prostitute,
preaching about love and peace, this we can’t refute.
If you want to be born-again through Jesus, okay.
And I know your Book has a lot of things to say.
But driving gays and lesbians to suicide
does not seem to be what it meant when Jesus died.
Hate is toxic to society, no one wins.
Such is not the reason Jesus died for our sins.

I’m not a believer, but neither a cynic.
Jesus wouldn’t blow up an abortion clinic.
To be honest, I’m not even a fan
because I believe Jesus was a mortal man.

The universe is there for us to discover.
Alone, with a friend, brother, even a lover.

Whatever you believe, follow your mind and heart.
For surely, anything else will tear us apart.


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