Whistle Down the Wind — Musical Offerings


I was having a discussion with some friends about whether we’d want to be blind or deaf. Somewhat of an age-old, this or that hypothetical. No doubt, there have been many a great and successful people, blind, deaf and what have you. People live well-enough with those afflictions. However, going against the grain, when asked, I said I’d rather be blind. For one, I’m already half-blind because of my lazy eye.

But more importantly and the foundation for this ode, if you will, is that I could not bear existence without hearing music. Sure, not being able to see a beautiful woman’s face or another sunset would be killer, but not being able to hear the emotion in Ray LaMontagne’s voice as he says in Burn, “Yes, I will stand here and burn in my skin,” or the opening to Beethoven’s Fur Elise as he masterfully tickles and manipulates the ivories (I get chills thinking about it), would be unbearable. I need music. I do. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t spend at least an hour soaking up some good music. I even listen to music while in the shower. Point is, music is everything.

And with that in mind, here is a list, as inspired by Wisp of Smoke’s music blog post in the same manner, of songs I’m currently obsessed with. I don’t think I’m much different than the typical music junkie: When I find a song I like, I obsessively listen to it. To that, I could easily populate this list with Damien Rice since I’ve been obsessing over his “Live at Fingerprints: Warts and All” album. However, I’ll just pick one. Again, following Wisp of Smoke’s lead, these aren’t in order and I won’t add my thoughts to why I chose these.

Damien Rice — The Blower’s Daughter 

Ray LaMontagne — Narrow Escape

Paolo Nutini — Iron Sky

Elliot Smith — A Fond Farewell 

Jon Russell — My Days Are Heavy/Ballard Sessions #43

Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan — I Remember

Okay, I lied, I did two Rice songs, but one features Lisa Hannigan, so it’s different…

2 thoughts

  1. A mixed bag of sorts. We’ve discussed The Blowers Daughter previously, it’s easily my favorite of the songs you posted.

    I’ll need to listen to the Ray song a couple of more times to really get a feel for it but I did like the song. Felt like I was listening to a piece of well-written flash fiction. I kept wandering what would happen next with Lejos. A story in song form.

    Let’s skip past Elliot Smith. I just don’t care for his music. Probably unfair but he grates on me. Could only listen to a few seconds.

    Kinda surprised you knew this Jon Russell song. I’ve heard it before but it’s been awhile and I’m glad you posted it because I had forgotten about it. I’m easy: acoustic guitar, great lyrics and emotion. This song has all three. I just dig bare-bones, stripped down music.

    Iron Sky I’m unsure about. I’ll probably search out a clearer version of the song. I have no opinion to be honest.

    Your second Rice pick was like listening to two different songs. The Hannigan opening just wasn’t for me. A complete lack of emotion on her part. Plus the lyrics were a bit pedestrian. I was a bit surprised when Rice took over. I had basically given up on the song by that point but damn. The emotion I was looking for came crashing thru my headphones. Made my skin tingle, Rice transformed the song into something salvageable.

    Overall it was nice list of songs, with a couple of requiring multiple listens. Not Smith though.


    1. Admittedly, I’m not a big Elliot fan. I gotta friend that’s obsessed with the guy and passes on songs of his to me. Most have fallen by the wayside, as uninteresting to me. But this one and another one whose title slips my mind is good to me.

      There’s always a lot to choose from when it comes to Ray, but I wanted to go with something a bit different from his norm. And you nailed why; it’s like an interesting story.

      Again, agreed on the “I Remember” song. Rice’s part is what makes it. I’ve tried listening to some of Lisa’s solo work and it’s just not the same. It is a bit flat and pedestrian.

      The Russell song is fucking awesome. The guitar bits are just sick.


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