I do think #BringBackOurGirls is basically another empty #Kony2012 social media campaign. On some level, I get it in terms of awareness, but the awareness sucks because it’s empty of the context, complexity and nuance needed to understand the situation. And it of course only leads to, “The U.S. should do something,” again, without understanding any of the context, complexity and nuance of the situation.

And perhaps most egregious is that we have now positioned ourselves as the typical Western saviors of the Nigerian people. When it was the Nigerian people that started mass protest against their inept and corrupt government. It was the Nigerian people that were screaming bring back our girls in the streets. And it’s the Nigerian people that need to hold their inept and corrupt government accountable to deal with Boko Haram and in a way that’s not going to kill innocent Nigerians caught in the crossfire, as we’ve seen already.

As a side note, I’m getting really tired of Democrats supporting United States militarism as guised in the cloak of humanitarianism. At least Republicans are forthcoming with their militarism.

If you believe the United States military has pure motives in this; then, first, consult history and secondly, consult current happenings that show the Obama administration has been pivoting military objectives to Africa for a while now.

The above is a recent musing; for a more formal and detailed read into my perspective on this, check out my editorial for The Miami Student: Schoolgirls kidnapped in Nigeria: The facts, the situation and why it matters.

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