My latest entry in Flash! Friday, which received an honorable mention from the judge with this generous feedback:

It is a story of a son denying his father’s legacy, but having a difficult time doing so. “He showed me how to become someone else. But I became him.” In a short span of 150 words, Brett manages to show the character transformation. The line, “Laughs subsided, but infamy subsisted forever” is truly memorable.

The concept we had to incorporate was “comeuppance” with this picture:

Berlin, Rückkehr Emil Jannings aus Amerika

Diligence and a steady hand were required. There was an art to applying makeup; a mirror, some light and memories of my father – stage name, Cido – were all I needed. He showed me how to become someone else. But I became him.

Not anymore.

Hollywood big shot was expected to be amongst us commoners today. No longer would I be a bozo, relegated to the carnies, fetching pity dollar bills from cotton candy-stuffing fat kids. Like Cido.

Out amongst the jejune crowd, in full garb, a redheaded kid stepped on my shoes. I shoved him off; he skinned his knee. Boohoo.

Then I saw him. Gaudy, grandiose and grinning to his fans. I grinned, too, as I managed within five feet of his Hollywood musk. He locked eyes with me.

Laughs subsided, but infamy subsisted forever.

I had a toy gun and a gun to toy with for this moment. Bullet chambered.

Our kind, we’re a dying breed.

Not today.

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