The VA Scandal is a Disgrace

The VA scandal breaking now is abhorrent and disgusting. It’s bad enough that we send soldiers to bullshit wars, but then to not take care of them when they return is something else.

It would be laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous that the VA is laughably stuck in the Stone Age on its processing abilities. Most processing occurs on paper still and has gotten worse and worse under the Obama administration, despite his claims on the campaign trail back in 2007 to address the issue.

As a result of the bureaucratic red tape, there are waiting lines for disabled veterans, which in Phoenix, were so long, 40 veterans reportedly died while waiting for care. There are 23 more veterans across the country reportedly to have died waiting for care. This is alarming, but that the VA “cooked the books” to suggest the lines were shorter than they actually were, is some goddamn ugly corruption.

The VA knew about this “cooking the books” since 2010. In this time, contrary to comparable departments, the VA actually received more money, expanding their budget.

Typical of Obama, his response has been relatively muted for the last few weeks and he still seems to stand firm behind VA Secretary Eric Shinseki. He just gave some remarks this morning, but it’s about what you’d expect.

Anyhow, this is just one ugly example in a long line of them how the bloated, bureaucratic, red tape, corrupt government fucks with people’s lives. I will never understand the fervent impetus to grant such a body even more power to fuck over even more people. They are not a force for good.

“But what about corporations? They fuck over a lot of people!” Sure, sometimes, mostly because government colludes with corporations to give them the power and leverage to do so, but even outside of that, at the end of the day, corporations do not have the force of the law behind them. That’s an important, dangerous difference.



Just about says it all.

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