The Papacy and the Vatican

PBS with another stellar documentary and look at the Vatican in, “Secrets of the Vatican.” It mostly deals with pedophilia issues in the late 20th century and then Pope Benedict’s papacy leading into the newest pope, Francis. Check it out here.

A few scattered thoughts:

-The pedophilia issue is not over. It’s systematic and a change in papacy doesn’t mean a change in the pedophilia issue. However, even though Francis has been careful to stay away from such a divisive issue, I’d love to see him over time get more stern and direct on this.

-Speaking as a non-religious person, I cannot relate nor understand the papacy or the Vatican; it’s a modern day monarch with one man vested with so much power and say-so. How is this a good thing? How is this affirming? I don’t get it, sincerely.

-I do believe Francis is a “breath of fresh air” for the papacy and the Vatican inasmuch as one can provide a “breath of fresh air” to something incredibly archaic. However, I’m still hung up on his denouncement of money, capitalism and greed. What’s hurting people in the modern day is not “capitalism.” There’s nothing inherently “evil” about seeking money. And it has to be pointed out every opportune moment that it is because of seeking money and because of capitalism and free markets that we’ve halved extreme poverty in the last twenty years. That’s not something easily dismissed or glossed over. But demonize, demonize, demonize. I get it.

-Less serious; I didn’t realize Francis was 77. I just Googled his age. He has aged incredibly well. He does not at all look 77. I know pope’s usually become pope’s at an old age, but jeez, I would’ve guessed MAYBE mid-60’s. I suck.


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