My latest Flash! Friday entry with the written prompt “arrogance” and the above picture of Queen Victoria being given the crown of India. 

To their small minds the waste heap extended for miles into the sky. Other kids from the nearby Sheohar district already surrounded the heap with dirty hands, feet and the stench of trash bored into their pores; the Scavs.

“There, Pavak, a can next to the tire,” Faaris said, pointing with his walking stick from below.

Pavak yelped as he retrieved the can and stuffed it into his raggedy pouch. At night, they’d try to sell their treasures.

That night, they were in front of a pub for British soldiers. A wooden sign hung in front that said, “No dogs or Indians allowed.”

Neither boy knew what it said since they couldn’t read, but like any Indian, they recognized Queen Victoria’s portrait on the wall through the window, stoic and her crown gleaming.

“Can, can,” Pavak said, squeaking to the street giants.

A man in a bowler hat ignored him and spat on Pavak’s grimy toes.

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