“Frozen”: A Heartwarming Film, Delivers on the Hype

No spoilers featured in this post. 

Whelp, $1.2 billion global receipts later, I finally watched the film that became something of a cultural phenomenon around the world, Disney’s Frozen. Yeah, I’m not known for being punctual.

Frozen became the highest grossing animated film of all time, the fifth highest grossing film ever (highest ever in Japan), the top 2013 film and won Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song (“Let It Go”) at the Academy Awards for good reason: It’s awesome. Okay, okay, I know, that’s a pretty vanilla, overused way to describe something that’s great, but well, dammit, it applies.

Animated films get a bit of a bum rap because they’re animated films and marketed toward children. If something’s marketed toward children, it’s somehow less authentic than something marketed toward adults. But that should be nonsense to any lover of cinema. It’s just a different medium to convey the same great qualities featured in any great film: Beautiful set pieces, great acting (albeit voice acting, although again, no less authentic), tight direction and storytelling and so on. I just don’t get it, but I digress.

Frozen is about Elsa and Anna, two sisters that essentially inherit a kingdom, with Elsa as the Queen and Anna the Princess, respectively. Elsa has the powers of ice and cold through her hands, which she hides from her sister. Naturally, this has created a divide between them because Elsa is so afraid of being herself. She can’t control the power. Eventually, that power spirals out of her control and shenanigans ensue that are dramatic, touching, funny, adorable and cute.


Olaf, a snowman brought to life by Elsa, provides much of the comedy in the film. Anna does as well with her awkwardness, which resonated with me. I especially loved how Disney played on that ridiculous trope of “true love” occurring in one day — the woman falls for a man that she barely knows. They wove the commentary on that trope brilliantly into the film.

The musical numbers are terrific, too. Just so much fun. You’d be hard-pressed not to be smiling. And the big hit, “Let It Go” sent chills running up my spine. Not just for Idina Menzel’s beautiful voice, but because the character, Elsa, shows such strength and independence that I loved to see portrayed.

Anyhow, if you love movies and just want an exceptional offering, even for an animated movie (because most animated movies are usually good), then give this a shot. There’s damn sure a lot of hype around it given its commercial and critical success, but in this ginger’s opinion, that hype delivered in spades.


One thought

  1. I personally feel like if you need to warn someone about spoilers about Frozen, they deserve to be spoiler-ed. This movie is amazing.


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