Just some general musings on some of these listed here, “49 Signs You’re Addicted To Reading.”

Books>people is generally my outlook on life, yes. I’ve called off work to read the 7th Harry Potter book. I’ve turned people away from my house (looking to hang out) to read. Reading is my thing. My escape. My drug.

And book hangovers, man. Those are like writing hangovers. You escape into this other reality and you’re in for hours at a time, consumed by the characters and their lives, that when you come out on the other side, it’s a whirl-wind. It’s like, what the fuck?

I’m addicted to buying books, no doubt about that. My room is overflowing with books. I don’t have any bookshelves to hold them, but still, I buy books. I probably buy, on average, 3 books a month.

One of my favorite things to do is browse Goodreads looking at various quotes from various authors. And yes, I often share them to social media…

Wow, #13, I always figured that was just my weird-ass. I always bring at least 5 different books beccause I’m not sure what mood I’ll be in when I’m ready to read.

Sorry #14, I do not have a Kindle and will never sacrifice physical books for the convenience a Kindle allows.

#16 used to bother me greatly. HOW DO YOU NOT LIKE TO READ?! Seriously, if you don’t like to read, I look at you differently. Nah, I’m just kidding, only slightly. Most people that don’t like to read have just been burned by boring books mandated in school. They just need to find the right book and subject. And do it for fun, not assignment.

#32 is basically my cut-off. The premise has to be extremely enticing for me to want to read a book under 250 pages. That’s just so short and with how pricey books are, it’s sometimes not worth bothering.

#40, damn right. I’ve legitimately questioned people and asked what they’ve read. I just have to know. What you’re reading says a lot about you, I think…

Thought Catalog

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1. Books > people is your general outlook on life. People are cool but reading is your preferred social activity.

2. You know what a book hangover is and you have them frequently.

3. You plan whole afternoons around browsing bookstores.

4. If you go too long without buying or reading a book you feel a huge sense of withdrawal and are thinking of the next time you can get away to a bookstore or library.

5. You have trouble functioning at work or school sometimes because you stayed up late reading.

6. You’re constantly sharing your favorite book quotes on social media and have either a Pinterest board or Tumblr dedicated to these quotes.

7. You’re always looking forward to the weekend but mostly because you can’t wait to get 2 whole days for unadulterated alone time with a new book.

8. You carry a book…

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