Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice “Blinks”

Big news on the comic book movie front: May 6, 2016 presented a standoff between Marvel and DC with Marvel putting Captain America 3 in that slot and DC putting Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice in that slot. To use the term everyone’s been using, DC “blinked.” As in, they moved their film earlier to March 25, 2016.

But this is a win for fans of Marvel, DC and comic book movies. We want these movies to succeed and making buckets of money because then we will keep seeing them on the big screen as the years go on. If Captain America 3 and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice opened on the same day, both would lose money since they roughly targeting the same demographic. That’s not good.

And Marvel has all the leverage to “not blink” as it were. They are on fire right now with their Avengers film being the third-biggest film ever and Guardians of the Galaxy — with a talking raccoon and a tree — far-exceeded box office expectations. DC had to move.

However, that may be a good thing. The idea of the “summer” blockbuster seems to be splintering a bit. The Hunger Games/Twilight movies have made November a fairly big month for release. The Lord of the Rings in December. And now a certain to be big film like Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is opening as early as March? That’s going to be interesting to watch.

Also, as a side note, I’m getting beyond exhausted with the Marvel vs. DC discussions. I love comic books and comic book movies. I like both studios and the movies they’ve offered us fans. Both certainly seem to be taking a different approach to these movies, but I dig that. I wouldn’t want them to be carbon copies of each other.

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