My latest entry into the Flash Friday! weekly contest with a maximum 160 word entry, the word prompt “include a thunderstorm” and the above picture also as a prompt.

Dorje sat in the long-abandoned monastery with his brown cowl melting around his head. Tears splattered the rocky floor and his quiet sobs echoed against the walls for nobody to hear.

All of them were dead. Except for him. Vandals had raided the mountainside. They were the kinda people that smelled fear bubbling in your chest and got off on it. The terror was more exhilarating than the bloodletting. And there was much of that.

From his hiding place at the time, he heard many screams. Still heard them now.

When he came to the monastery, he’d been given the name “Dorje,” which meant something indestructible that can cut through anything, often equated with “diamond” or “thunderbolt”.

But on that night, he didn’t feel indestructible. Didn’t feel like a powerful thunderbolt at the epicenter of a thunderstorm.

He felt like a dandelion; all of him puffed into pieces floating in the air, mixing with the death throes of his brothers.

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