War Sucks: Iraq 3.0 and Syria

War sucks. I just had my 24th birthday five days ago. In my time of existence, 4 sitting U.S. presidents have announced bombs would drop on Iraq. In my 24 years, we’ve been at perpetual war. And we keep making the same mistakes.

Iraq 3.0 (an additional 475 additional “advisers” re: troops, that’s 1600 now, hi, mission creep) and airstrikes in Syria. We’re going to give more weapons to the forces in Syria, even though we did that prior and that’s how ISIS was emboldened. We’re going to coordinate with Saudi Arabia to train the Free Syrian Army there, even though bases on Saudi Arabian soil was one of the major impetuses behind 9/11. Even though the Saudis have helped fund ISIS. Even though they’ve beheaded 19 people in the fist half of August. One for sorcery.

ISIS will not have a “safe haven” anywhere; any threats from ISIS will not go unnoticed by the United States. Things we’ve heard before. Translation for “open-ended” conflict.
Timetable? What kind of coalition? How do we not inadvertently help Assad in Syria? Don’t worry. Obama wants to bring Congress in on this, even though he expressly says he doesn’t need them to do this. How nice of him.

I repeat, war sucks. ISIS does not pose a threat to us right now. All of this? All of this will further embolden them and make them more dangerous and create the next even more powerful jihadist group, just as our Iraq War in 2003 brought al-Qaeda into Iraq (when they weren’t there previously) and then led to ISIS’s eventual rise.

And the best part? Libya’s failure is totally forgotten by the go-gooder interventionists. And Yemen and Somalia are actually used as a “model” for how airstrikes can be effective in Iraq and Syria, even though most military analysts say boots on the ground will be required.

War sucks.


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