Senator Obama vs. President Obama


Funny thing: Republicans often accuse me of not criticizing Democrats enough and Democrats accuse me of not criticizing Republicans enough. I think that means I’m doing something right.

To that, do you know who would be one of Pres. Obama’s fiercest critics today? Sen. Obama.

Unilateral executive action against Libya in 2011. Unilateral executive action against Iraq and Syria now. After, of course, boasting for the last three years that he ended the Iraq War. Calling the aforementioned action in Libya a success, as well as the Yemen and Somalia bombings, even though all three countries are in disarray.

And this isn’t merely libertarian criticism of Obama, even the New York Times editorial page recognized that Obama, with this new action, is exceeding the bounds of his executive authority.

Polling indicates that Pres. Obama has lost support from key demographics that got him into that office. Good.

Hopefully Democrats and progressives begin to reconcile the fact that Sen. Obama and Pres. Obama are not the same people. Even adjusting for pessimistic political realities, Pres. Obama with respect to foreign-policy and national security issues, specifically, has been a disaster.

The only leg I can perceive those that still support Pres. Obama in these endeavors are standing on is the beyond tired political partisanship and loyalty of “my guy.”

To me, that makes them no different than the people that stand behind wackos like John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Because they do it for the same reasons.

(I’m weird, early-morning political musings are like my cup of coffee.)

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