My latest entry in the Micro Bookends weekly writing contest where they provide the first and last word with a 90 to 110 word limit. The words this week were “meat” and “free,” respectively, along with the above picture. I was fortunate enough to receive second place and these generous comments:

“Did I mention I like a good dark tale? This one grabbed my attention with the first line. Describing humans as meat monsters poured into boots and clothes is not just great imagery, but a way to desensitize humanity to justify what is coming up. I like that the word meat is used throughout making it an integral part of the story, not just a word forced in there. This line was my favorite: “We were the worst kind of meat””

Meat monsters. Red-blooded meat poured into work boots, three-piece suits, and wedding dresses. Race, class, and sexual orientation made no difference once the meat came off the bone.

Close to the earth like we were, living off its flesh, I understood we couldn’t claim righteousness. It wasn’t enough to not slaughter the cow or abstain from meat blood between our teeth.

That’s why my left arm’s in a wood chipper. Churning my flesh out; the machine was grinding and whirring.

It hurt, but we’d been trampling on the earth’s belly for 10,000 years. We were the worst kind of meat.

Least I could do to set the earth free.


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