For Sale

My latest entry in Flash! Friday’s weekly flash fiction contest with a 160 word max, a word prompt of “bankruptcy” and the above picture also acting as a prompt.

Shivering and naked, except for the shroud of their shame, the slaves kept their eyes to the ground, as the two men with hats inspected them.

“Broad shoulders and thick hands. Stallion, this one,” the man with a round belly said.

Where Kunta came from, he never saw round bellies.

“Cleft foot on this one, maybe he can do housework,” the man said.

Then the men came to Kunta. He was wiry with slender legs, but iron-forged eyes. His calloused hands covered his penis, the last vestige of his pride from these men.

“Hands up, spin,” the man with the round belly said.

Kunta clenched his jaw so tight he was certain he could snap manacles. His long legs were the envy of his soccer buddies growing up, as it made him the flash of the field. Now they might as well have been cement blocks.

“Up and spin,” the man repeated.

He spun, bankrupt on fortitude, plentiful of shame.

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