Obama’s War Against ISIS Officially Illegal

Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty
Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty

President Obama’s war against ISIS launched in Iraq and Syria without Congressional authorization, which also has nearly 4,000-some troops in Iraq, and even beyond (what I think of as unconstitutional, but even so) the War Powers Act of 1973, is now illegal. That marks two illegally launched wars under the Obama administration. First, Libya in 2011 to overthrow Moammar Khadafy and then this one with ISIS. I wonder how many progressives and liberals will rail against the president?

From The Daily Beast:

Yale Professor Bruce Ackerman puts it succinctly: “The war against the Islamic State is now illegal. The War Powers Resolution of 1973 gave President Obama 60 days to gain consent from Congress and required him to end ‘hostilities’ within 30 days if he failed to do so. This 90-day clock expired this week.” And yet, there’s been no consent, and no end to the fighting.

And what about that illegal war in Libya, which likely 2016 candidate, Hilary Clinton said this about:

She’s so fucking glib about it, too. I guess she, much like the rest of the Democratic Party (and obviously we can’t count on Republicans, either) don’t care about what’s happened in the three years since that illegal war. Here’s a snippet of the hell from the Boston Globe:

Recent reports from Libya, issued to coincide with the third anniversary of Khadafy’s overthrow and murder, suggest that the state has ceased to exist. There is no central government. According to Amnesty International, “Armed groups and militias are running amok, launching indiscriminate attacks on civilian areas and committing widespread abuses, including war crimes, with complete impunity.” Egypt, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, al Qaeda, and the Islamic State back guerrilla factions. The unfortunate United Nations envoy, Bernardino Leon, says he can hardly begin to mediate “because the protagonists are hundreds of militias.” Full-scale civil war is a real possibility, so the worst may be yet to come.

This could and should have been predicted. Removing a long-established regime is dangerous unless a clear alternative is ready. It produces a power vacuum. Rivals fight for places in the new order. By suddenly decapitating Libya, the United States and its NATO allies made conflict, anarchy, and terror all but inevitable.

As I’ve said a bajillion times, Obama simply presents a better face and articulation on war than his predecessor. Therefore.

One thought

  1. “Removing a long-established regime is dangerous unless a clear alternative is ready. ”

    I agree, but at the same time, if the US had produced a candidate, it wouldn’t have been any better received.

    Are there any successful rebellions? Are there any that were encouraged by foreign governments?

    And yes, Obama is failing for a few reasons – drones are one of them, which just leaves the horror overseas and not in the US, so thumbs up, all cool.


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