I Do Not

My latest entry in Micro Bookends weekly contest wherein they supply the first and last word of your 90-110 word entry, along with the above photo. The words this week were “word” and “blind” respectively. I was fortunate enough to receive an Honorable Mention with the comments:

“Grotesque, bloody, masticating, spliced insides – the four main elements for any good story, especially a newlywed story. This story punched me in the gut and left me winded. If a ribbon for “Most Visceral” could be awarded, this one gets it. (I think, but am not sure, folks outside the U.S. may not understand the ugly power the word at the center of this piece holds in the U.S.)”

(Absolutely, outside the U.S., the word below is tossed about far more nonchalantly.)

Word. It was just one word unfurled like a grotesque, bloody red carpet, inviting me in to masticate on its bitterness.

Even now with the help of time to dull the impact, the word still spliced my insides and there was a monotonous ringing in my left ear drum, as if the word had burrowed in to mock me.

The fog helped a little, as it cooled my hot cheeks.

“Cunt,” he said to me, after an argument. First time. Married only two months. People also had a way of unfurling in unexpected ways.

Seeing him, but not seeing him in that moment, I might as well have been blind.

2 thoughts

  1. Ha! We had a discussion in a group of internationals about the word “cunt” and whether it was as bad in other languages.

    In New Zealand and the UK and Australia, it is considered the worst word in the language. It’s not thrown around nonchalantly as you may think.

    Other languages quite often include that word or a variation on it as the worst insult.

    NOTE: there are non-insulting and non-serious uses of the word that sound bad, but aren’t at all. A fold, or wrinkle in someone’s necktie is called a “cunt”, i.e. “You’ve got a cunt in your tie.”


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