Snow More Salad

I like puns. New Daily Post:

Is there a period in your own personal life that you think of as the good old days? Tell us a story about those innocent and/or exciting times (or lack thereof).

Relevant to today’s copious amount of snow and freezing cold enough to crystallize your nose hair,  back in the “good old days” of innocent youth, snow days were the fucking best, man. NO SCHOOL! I get to put on my ridiculous snow suit, gloves, hat and go make snow angels. I get to throw snowballs and try and inevitably fail, to make a snowman.

Nowadays, as an adult with that pesky responsibilities and work and such, snow days don’t mean fun anymore. They mean pain in the ass. They mean, “I MIGHT DIE TODAY ON THE ROAD.” They mean white knuckles on the steering wheel, as if gripping the steering wheel just a bit harder will secure me in case of sliding.

How has science not solved this problem yet? Dammit. Here, look at a picture of my dog experiencing that youthful innocence of a snow day:



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