Grim Laughter

My latest in the Micro Bookends weekly contest wherein they provide the first and last word (MOCK and TAIL, respectively) and you provide the words, no more than 110 words. Along with the above photo prompt as  guidance. I was also able to receive the following nice feedback on my piece:

““Mock the living by pretending death…” is one of the best openings this week. A disagreement between a doctor and nurse about whether or not to tell the children and their parents they are dying or if they should keep playing “the stethoscope game”. I love the final line too: “joy, even if futile, has it’s merits, like why we find joy in watching a dog chase its tail.” You’ve really got the hang of this bookends thing!”

Mock the living by pretending death isn’t soaking into their porcelain, youthful skin. That was the disagreement between Holly-Anne and Dr. Thomas.

She was “only” a nurse, but all the same, she didn’t think it decent to play the stethoscope  game with kids that would be rotting flesh by nightfall.

But she plastered a smile to her face that felt as if it was applied with rusty, crooked nails.

“At least tell the parents,” she begged Thomas.

“Know your place,” he said. And that was that.

Maybe Dr. Thomas was right. Joy, even if futile, has its merits, like why we find joy in watching a dog chase its tail.

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