My latest Flash Friday piece with a 160 word limit and the above photo as a prompt, along with “include a puppy.”

“Get a load of this puppy!” he said, his enunciation of puppy sounded like a deflating balloon. It would have been comical if we couldn’t hear what was coming from that contraption.

We thought ourselves fancy because we were stuffed into expensive suits and wetted our palate with the finest of wines, but here we stood, transfixed by the sounds.

Sounds we paid a hefty price to hear.

It was a woman, Beverly, he said, and she made these gasping noises after he slit her throat. Like she was trying to retain the life force in her body, but it was quite literally slipping through her fingers.

Someone behind me asked him to play it again. He did, slobbering with that fat tongue.

On the second time, I won’t lie to you, I could feel movement against my trousers.

Then the contraption started stuttering, so that Beverly’s gasps sounded like a whirring sewing machine.

The movement below died down. Dammit.

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