I thought I’d write a little something today. People normally fill up the Facebook feed with what their thankful for and why they feel blessed on this day. Of course, you could use any day to do that, but why not get in with the spirit…But I’d rather do it on ma blog cuz it’s MA BLOG.

First and foremost, I’m thankful for being healthy. Yeah, I pour fatty shit down my throat, like I just totally wasted a bag of Raisinets down my gullet, but on the whole, I’m a healthy individual with two moving legs, moving arms, a swiveling neck, working eyes and ears and my mind is still solid (I think?).

Secondly, I’m thankful for my parents. They won’t hear me say it enough, but it’s obviously true. They’ve continually provided a necessary shelter over my head for 24 years and along the way provided numerous pathways of “help.” Hell, the job I have now that supplies my income wouldn’t have been possible without my dad. Which is why some day I want to dive off without their wings, but all the same, thanks.

Third, I’m thankful for life. Yeah, it spits on you, knocks you down and then laughs about it sometimes, but man, isn’t life beautiful? I still, as a morning ritual, gaze at the moon on the way to my car because it’s still dark out and am in amazement. Something so astounding being there every morning is just cool. Music, books, writing, good food and general abundance that those in other countries could never fathom, routine abundance that would shock them, I’m thankful for.

And hey, I’m thankful to whoever pays attention to my “musings.” Thanks!


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