In the Cockpit

My latest for Micro Bookends where they provide the first word (sacred) and the last word (sound) with a 110 word limit along with the above picture.

Sacred talk of “up there” was something they flaunted in order to get their pesky peckers ahead of Kathleen.

“Are you sure about this, Kathleen? This isn’t the simulator, you could get hurt up there, ya know,” Frank said, with Dave holding back a smirk like a combustible orgasm.

Frank tacked on “ya know” with such patriarchal patronizing, Kathleen was sure she could have tossed him into the engine of the whirring plane.

It’s as if they were planning on flying by those fucking peckers.

She beat them in every flight simulation. She was the best goddamn pilot.

With the fabled “up there,” she’d win. Their Pecker Philosophy wasn’t sound.

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