Latest Music Roundup

Been a few weeks since I offered you fine folks the latest batch of music I’m listening to. I like to think the list I”ll present has a nice assortment of styles and variety. Let’s get to it, shall we? No particular order to how I list these and I typically try to avoid writing too much, just a small blurb of why I chose it because I want the music to “sing for itself,” as it were.

I could sit here and list every song off The National’s 2013 album, “Trouble Will Find Me,” as it’s another one of those albums that I can genuinely enjoy it from top to bottom (also, fun FYI, they’re from here in Cincinnati!) but if I were to try to get you into them and get a feel for what they’re about, I’d go with these two tracks off the album:

1. “Pink Rabbits” – The National

2. “Fireproof” – The National 

3. “Lost in a Dream” – The War on Drugs

Is it just me or does the lead vocalist, Adam Granduciel, have that Dylan vibe/vocal to him?

These next two are part of The Walking Dead soundtrack and I personally think they’re befitting the vibe of the show, as they’re bad-ass.

4. “Warm Shadow” – Dactyl Remix

5. “You are the Wilderness” – Voxhaul Broadcast

6. “The Lonesome River” – Bob Dylan (with Ralph Stanley)

Speaking of Dylan, this one has a nice twangy feel to it, like we should be calmly sailing down the Mississippi drinking ice tea with Mark Twain.

7. “Almost Lover” – A Fine Frenzy

Love the title, love the understated vocals and some nice lyrics. Like, “I should’ve known you’d bring me heartache, almost lovers always do.”

8. “If You Think You’re Lonely Now” – Bobby Womack 

Come on, too good.

9. “The Guillotine” – The Coup 

Something much different from me, but I dig it.

10. “Helping Each Other Die” – Hollohan

Sick beat, man.

Bonus Track:

“Pacific Lights” – Metavari

That opening is neat and the rest of the track is gorgeous.


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