Septic Drainage 

My latest entry in the wonderfully fun Micro Bookends weekly flash fiction contest wherein they provide the first (GENERAL) and last (THEORY) words, along with the above photo prompt and you provide the maximum of 110 that go between them. Here’s my entry:

General ruminations on the quandaries of life were like plaque on Eleanor’s brain. Well, mostly just one rumination at this one point in time on a crisp January morning when the cold peeled back the delicate skin on peoples’ faces.

All the same, it festered: If I dump his body in the sewers and it makes a splash, does anyone hear it?

She thought unlikely. She’d watched him from her role as just another coffee-carrying, book-snobbing hipster in the bookstore across the street from his dumpster digs. Most hadn’t even bothered to drop meager offerings from their oily fingers.

To ease her mind, it was time to test the theory.

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