The Fog

99 Fiction had a December contest wherein on any subject or theme, you submitted a story of 99 words. No photo prompt on this one, either. I implore you to follow the link here to see the winning entry from Grace Black. Her words sing with such poetic beauty. Here was my entry:

“Are you ready kids?” I could hear the pirate bellow in his graveled voice. The kids would be making their own cereal by now, scooting closer to the bright television.

I pulled the covers tighter over my head, curled my knees to my chest and tried to seal my eyes shut. The eyelids shook, as the pressure was too much.

Hector, the dog, came in, sniffed at the sock that’d dislodged from my foot overnight, and moved on, knowing it futile.

My body was carved into the bed; a known entity, a regular entrant into its muted wailing pit.

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