Waxing and Waning

My latest in Flash! Friday’s weekly flash contest wherein you supply 210 words max of flash and they supply the above photo prompt and the setting (moon) to respond to:

Seymour swallowed two pills dry, felt them settle downward begrudgingly. Two of many for the day.

His hand visibly shook as he picked up a glass of water and walked over to Gloria lying in bed. She’d been immobilized for over a year now. Taking ‘em dry like Seymour was out of the question, however.

This is what it had come to, Seymour thought. His Gloria, known for skiing down the highest of slopes, hiking the treacherous of paths, and squeezing life dry every day, had been reduced to a bed ornament.

His condition was only moderately better due to the unforeseeable luck of genetics and the environment. Gloria said it was the honey she dipped into his hot tea every night.

“Remember the first thing I said to you, Gloria?” Seymour said to her, taking her hand in his, the wrinkled crevices meshing into one.

“Of course, ‘Would you like to dance?’” she responded.

Seymour turned from the bed to look out the window. The moon hadn’t yet made way for the rising sun. It shown amidst the dark purple and satin red of the sky.

“We can dance on the moon, Gloria. Just dance and float. It’d be adventurous, don’t you think?” he said.

“Sure, Seymour, sure.”

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