Over Easy

My latest in the Flash! Friday weekly flash fiction contest. You get 210 words max, the word prompt “aspiration,” and the above photo to work with. My entry:

I was with the peasant’s girl or at least she seemed so with the way I saw ‘em looking at each other, when I saw what I needed. There in the barn underneath shambled hay was the glint of the ax. Inasmuch as a manure-laden ax can glint.

I’d misplaced the son of a bitch after I dealt with the last peasant. He got a little too wordy, which was significant given their illiteracy.

With a sharp backhand, I knocked the peasant’s girl aside and grabbed the ax.

“Clean this. I want it to shine so well that you’ll be able to hold it below your dress to find your spot,” I told her.

She did and returned it to me along with that day’s meal: steak and eggs with raw milk. That was power for you: when exercised, it often did so in the most mundane ways.

I left the ax where the peasant would see it where he slept by the outhouse.

Sure enough, he grabbed it during the night and thought it better to just run for it rather than lob my head off. Even left his girl behind.

I waiting with the rifle since I didn’t sleep. The steak sat heavy.

Power could be fun, too.

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