“It Follows” Film Review


No spoilers ahead.

Whelp, it took eight years, but I finally found the first movie to give me that atmospheric fear and creepiness that I cherish so much in a well-done horror movie: It Follows. The previous one was 2007’s Paranormal Activity. Hold on. Let me get you into the mood, ya’ll:

Just a really terrific, throwback to the ’70s/’80s horror movies with its soundtrack. Heart-thumping, memorable and atmospheric. With its beautiful wide-screen shots of Detroit, its less-is-more vibe and just a solid story complimenting the soundtrack, this is a must-see horror film.

I don’t rely on critics to base what movie I should go see, but at the same time, horror movies, generally, get shit on. This one has a 95% on Rottentomatoes, the movie critic aggregate website. A 95% for any movie is impressive — a 95% for a horror movie is extremely impressive. I had to see what the hype was all about and it delivered. Here’s ‘Tomatoes’ critical consensus:

“Smart, original, and above all terrifying, It Follows is the rare modern horror film that works on multiple levels — and leaves a lingering sting.”

Moreover, they were bound to win favor with me with the homages to Halloween, the greatest horror movie of all time. The wide shots, the suburban landscape and specific moments in the film I won’t give away.

Also, the film is set in what appears to be the 1970s going by the look of the televisions and radios and whatnot. Honestly, for a horror movie to work well nowadays, whether you’re talking the aesthetic (and I mostly am) or the fear factor, it needs to be. The wide-angle lens helps, too. It just gives it a better vibe.

If you’re into horror, I’d be surprised if you’re not into this one. It’s everything horror fans can hope for in modern horror films. On a budget of $2 million, too. Impressive.

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