Flour Power


For my class yesterday, we went to Miami’s Art Museum, which my oblivious self didn’t even know Miami had one, but they had an exhibition on Freedom Summer 1964 — student submitted pieces that reflected how they felt about that event or connecting it to modern conversations.

One exhibit in particular has been on my mind since. I’d have to consult my notes to get the title right, but it was three portraits of different people with flour on their bodies and defiance on their face. It was a “thank you” to the people in ’64 that did those diner sit-ins to protest not being served. Then racist fucks would pour their drinks on them, put out their cigarette buds on their arms, and so on, and yet, the sit-in folks didn’t retaliate, didn’t react.

That’s profound; it’s hard to imagine most people being able to do that. Wild. This picture I found on Google gets me going with the tears just looking at it; it’s insane.

sit in

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