Silent Is

My latest in the weekly Micro Bookends flash fiction contest. They offer the bookends, SILENT and FILM, respectively, and you fill in a max of 110 words based on the above photo prompt. My entry:

Silent is the gallows when they stand empty, only the wind there to provide disruption.

Silent is the ground when the seeping blackness of the corpse gags it; a squirrel perks up, sniffs and scurries away.

Silent is the man, having caused the corpse to be, is overwhelmed by adrenaline; the kind that excites him.

Silent is the man’s companion, fearful of saying anything, writing anything, doing anything.

Silent is the tomb to be, gallant in its endeavor to uphold the dignity of the corpse.

Silent is the crescent moon, the only outside witness to the unspooling tragedy.

Silent is the badge.

Silent is the tragedy not being on film.

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