“Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron” A Film Review


What happens when a smooth talker with an adamantium exoskeleton takes on an iron man, a god, a patriotic blast from the past, a man with quaint arrows, a green monster and a bad-ass red-haired Russian assassin?

Well, the latest installment in the Marvel universe’s impressive pedigree of films: Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The gist of the story, which, typical to big blockbuster films and in particular, the dreaded superhero sequel, is a bit massive and complex, is that the Avengers, especially Tony Stark as Iron Man, want to make the world safe from outside alien penetration.

Thus, Tony via artificial intelligence, wants to create something called Ultron, which can act as a shield over the entire earth protecting against outsiders. Unfortunately, the A.I. develops into a sinister version of Iron Man, more or less, and goes after the Avengers and then world domination.

Vox wrote about how a lot of Marvel’s superheroes are cardboard. Hell-bent on world domination, they are birthed into existence and then on their quest for it, they are wiped out by the Avengers. Rinse and repeat with few exceptions.

True enough and that’s about the same here. The only difference? James Spader as Ultron. Smooth talker with gravitas and the right tinge of humor at times. He steals every scene he’s in, undoubtedly.


I would not recommend the 3D viewing, which I mistakenly saw it in, because it’s not worth the price. But, even so, the film as a whole on its own is well-worth seeing, if you’re a fan of these movies, as I am.

This one has more soul than the previous 2012 installment. The characters get knee deep in some gritty characterization and forging connections between each other, dealing with their demons, in part. There’s also an awareness and a conscious, if integral part of the plot, to save civilians from the massive chaos brought about by Ultron.

I probably preferred this one to the ’12 installment, if only because it’s everything that was great about that one, but with a more formidable opponent than Loki was. To be fair, ’12 has the novelty factor of it being the first time we see the team-up, which is unquestionably hard to duplicate and surpass.


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