My latest in Flash! Friday’s weekly flash fiction contest. Two prompts and 210 words max: The above photo and the theme of “man vs. nature.” My entry:

Like moss overtakes a rock, slowly and then it seems all at once, to a point where it’s hard to remember a time before the moss, numbness had a way of doing that, too.

Standing there, her feet on the silk-smooth rocks, Sam could feel her heartbeat sync with the falling, crashing water.

This, Sam thought, the expansive falls, the random rocks, the trees in the distance, the domineering blue sky shadowing it all, seemed infinitely more touchable, understandable than the numbness like Spackle in her brain.

The real ravages of nature existed hidden in the shadows of our minds, no mosaics to their power.
Some say there’s beauty in struggle, like water carving out the Grand Canyon. But Sam only stepped in the puddles of depletion, where no rainbows refracted.

She thought traveling thousands of miles from home, living with the family the school’s exchange program arranged and seeing a world unknown to her would change the world inside of her.

That it would change the numbness. Until now, she didn’t realize the numbness was oblivious to time, to distance, to human concerns.

Just like the moss near her feet, doing its thing on the rocks, oblivious to the crashing water across the way.

The numbness said to leap.

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