The Farmers

My piece entered into Flash! Friday’s weekly flash contest about a week ago. Two prompts; the above photo prompt and the prompt saying we must use a “farmer” character. My entry below:

Nobody understood, in my experience, what it took to cultivate a corpse. I know it seems counter-intuitive — it certainly was to Steve and that’s why he’s no longer with us — but the skill, the precision and the patience that goes into it is unnoticed, like the daily cycle of a sunrise and sunset.

It’s daily, so we stop noticing it for what it is: a miracle.

And in that way — Bethany didn’t understand this, either and that’s why she’s no longer with us — cultivating a corpse is its own miracle.

Occupying space and time is this breathing, living organism and over time, with careful observation and yes, cultivation, we bring it death.

Sure, other beings help to mature one’s skills, like rabbits, squirrels and gazelles, even, but the real challenge and the artistry comes from bringing death to a human. Because a human brings with it the intangibles; the memories, experiences, aspirations and hopes of life.

All cultivated into a last whimpering of death. To hold death within your hands is far more powerful than life.

We have a good team now: Avery, Renee and myself. Gene was another one that couldn’t transition to human cultivation.

A good team meant we could perform miracles every day.

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