The Good Bystander

Yesterday I was going from Glenwood to Rifle on I-70 and on the eastbound side there were two bodies on the ground. Later, with some help, I found out it was a motorcycle accident. Both, at least as of last night, survived the crash.

But the beautiful part of a terrible story? Bystanders reportedly initiated bleeding control until the paramedics arrived to take over.

Sometimes I allow myself to descend into cynicism and there’s certainly an abundance of it beyond my bubble. It doesn’t take long to find someone willing to wax philosophically about how selfish we humans are, how horrible we are and so on.

But then I think about those bystanders. Maybe they had prior training. Maybe they didn’t. It doesn’t really matter. They acted. And I take solace that whenever and wherever the shit goes down, there’s someone or a lot of someones willing to step up and do what’s needed and what’s right.

I like to think there’s a lot more of those types of people than there are bad ones or at least enough of them permeating the species to compensate. I’d be a pretty shitty humanist if I didn’t hold on to that.

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