“The Homeland Directive” A Book Review


No spoilers ahead.

This is my first time reviewing a graphic novel, so this should be fun. My local library here in Colorado has a pretty impressive (relatively speaking) graphic novel collection for adults and Robert Venditti and artist, Mike Huddleston’s The Homeland Directive jumped out at me right away.

Mostly because of the cool cover, which is above this post and then because of the Benjamin Franklin quote at the start, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” I didn’t even read the synopsis, I just nabbed it.

The story follows a genius Centers for Disease Control and Prevention specialist in contagious diseases, Dr. Laura Regan, as the government essentially comes after her, buoyed by a grand plot that intersects timely notions of security, freedom and privacy.

I found the artwork to be just as engaging viscerally as the plot itself. New settings or new characters offer different color palettes unique and creative.

For sure, graphic novels in general are quick reads because you’re only reading the little bubbles, right? But this one especially goes by at a nice clip because you’re interested to see the plot unravel and then wrap back up.

If I wanted to show someone that graphic novels are not at all what they’re preconceived notions determined, like, for instance, that “comic books” always include superheroes — this one clearly does not — or that comics are only for kids, then, The Homeland Directive would be the book I’d show them to dissuade those notions.

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