Deadly Police Shootings in America

Note: I wrote this yesterday on my Facebook. Literally in the time since, there’s been six additional deaths by the police. 

So far, The Washington Post has tracked 575 fatal police encounters (this is just with guns) thus far this year and only three officers were charged with those deaths (and it’s worth pointing out the difference between “charged” and “convicted”).

Yes, in 482 of those cases, the victim had a deadly weapon. But it’s also true of the remaining 93, that 20 had a toy weapon, 57 were unarmed and 16 were unknown. It’s also true that 12 were under the age of 18 and a whopping 150 had signs of a mental illness.

I’m skeptical that all 482 cases involving a deadly weapon were good shoots, much less the remaining 93; not to mention the 16 of those we don’t even know anything about.

And it’s also true that the FBI since 1976 using their inadequate data has never gathered more than 460 shootings in a single year. We’re well over 100 more than that with 4 months still left in the year.

Thank god for journalists.

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