The Black Lives Matter Movement and Bernie Sanders

I’ve been thinking a lot about Bernie Sanders getting interrupted by the Black Lives Matter movement (although it’s still not clear if it was a “sanctioned” action or not) in a Seattle event yesterday. I’ve been doing research on it for the last hour and I’ve come to the following conclusions:

1.) Those that say Bernie walked with Martin Luther King, Jr. and has a great Civil Rights record….Sure, but that was for “that” particular civil rights movement. The one of today — the Black Lives Matter movement — is a very different entity with much different goals, although there’s certainly some slight overlap. What is he doing for “this” civil rights movement?

2.) There’s going to be a lot of discussion over “tactics” and “optics.” I get it, but I also am tired of white moderates. If you want to echo MLK, echo his sentiments on the white moderate. Every protest in history is about disruption — that’s quite literally the whole point.

3.) And if you don’t think disruption works, consider this: Sanders has a Racial Injustice section on his site under “Issues.” It literally did not exist yesterday. You cannot say disruption does not work when Sanders didn’t have racial injustice as a campaign plank prior to the interruptions.

4.) As far as Democratic contenders go (on the GOP side it’s basically non-existent except for Rand Paul), Martin O’Malley’s record as mayor may suck, but his plan to fix the criminal justice system is quite impressive and more so than Sanders’.

5.) Finally, as I’ve seen many BLM members echo on Twitter, disagreeing with tactics shouldn’t translate into ignoring the movement now.

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