Body Bags

My latest from the weekly flash fiction contest Flash! Friday. This week, we had 150 words max and a few themes to choose from. I didn’t go with the photo prompt, so the photo here is just my random one. My entry with the selected prompts of 1920s New York and obsession

The boys brought in another body for Arthur. This one a slender woman of no more than 20, he guessed.

“Caught in the crossfire, this one,” Jack, one of the hospital’s errand boys, said.

Happened a lot these days. Gangsters and their alcohol and the federal boys trying to stop it. Didn’t make much of a difference to Arthur.

She was prettier than the last, with a face that seemed too smooth for the grime of the city. Her dead pores still emitted her fragrance, which smelled like ripe cherries.

Arthur locked the door and set his record player to Stravinsky. It helped with the adrenaline.

He started by washing the naked woman from head to toe, scrubbing and scrubbing until the city’s grime was gone.

When she had that dead glow he liked, he recovered his scalpel and a metal food tray.

He liked to start with the thigh.

crime scene

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