Laments of a Killer

My latest in the Micro Bookends contest wherein they supply the first and last works, respectively and you supply a max of 110 words between the “bookends.” The words this week were plot (any of its variations) and twist. And of course, you respond to the photo prompt. 

My entry:

Plotinus said life is the flight of the alone to the alone and Derek felt alone, aside from the dead body at the bottom of the stairs, unmoving. Dead bodies didn’t move unless moved, but Derek instead sat atop the stairs.

His hands dug into the dust and the grime and he wondered what had gone wrong. It would seem obvious to the layperson that entered and saw the blood that trailed the dead body’s movements down the stairs or noticed the angle of the dead body’s neck.

But Derek meant the emptiness; no adrenaline this time coursing through his veins. For a seasoned killer, this was quite the twist.


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