Hot Car Challenge: A Social Experiment of Sorts

So, I made a YouTube video. I was inspired by the Kars4Kids social experiment they did a while back, which I though seemed fake, albeit it was for a good cause.

No surprise here: sitting in a hot car is, well, hot, but it seems like every summer, you hear a few stories about parents leaving their child in a hot vehicle to die or in some fortunate circumstances, strangers and/or police save their lives. Or, people leaving their pets in their hot vehicles.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 25 children died in 2004 due to this. That’s because when it’s 80 degrees outside or hotter, a vehicle can reach temperatures of 131 degrees or higher.

This is my own personal PSA attempt to demonstrate just how hot it gets inside of a vehicle and for viewers to imagine what it could be like if that was their child or their pet. This is my “hot car challenge,” a bit of a social experiment fastened after the Kars4Kids so-called social experiment.

Please don’t leave a child or pet in the vehicle on a hot day.

Oh, and don’t mind my beard close ups…

Thanks for watching!

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