Not So Wild

My latest for Micro Bookends’ weekly flash fiction contest, if you don’t know: you get 110 words max to write between the bookends (body and modifications, respectively in this case) in response to the above photo prompt. My entry was a bit more playful than I usually go with, but hey:

Body ached.

Body hungry, but man gone. Not sure when he return.

People watched me, but I could not reach. I learned long ago to stop trying.

They wanted me to dance and sing for them. But I was tired. Little boy pounded on the glass. Stupid, lucky boy.

And hungry.

Legs needed to stretch, but not far to go. Grass there. Water further away. Inflatable ball to gnaw on was no longer fun.

No more friends. Died or been separated, long ago.

So long ago everything seemed.

Especially when the man with the food had last been here. He looked tastier. Much tastier.

In time. Needed to make modifications.

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