How Different We Become

(Backstory: I’m currently in a Black World Studies class with a specific focus on 20th century black writers of fiction, nonfiction and poetry. For the particular exercise today, I had to watch A Raisin in the Sun from 1961 with the brilliant Sidney Poitier, based on the play of the same name from 1959 by Lorraine Hansberry, the first black woman to have a Broadway show based on her play. I’ll be doing a review at some later point on the film.

After watching the film, we had to do a found poem based on either the poems we read in the textbook or from quotes in the film. I decided to do mine based on the quotes from the film. (If you’re not familiar with a found poem, it’s exactly as it sounds — taking lines from other source materials and bringing them together for a poem.) I cherry-picked certain quotes and tidbits from the film, only making slight alterations in punctuation and grammar for the purposes of coherence.)

How different we done become.

I don’t know what it is…
Tired of everything.
…the way we live
— this beat-up hole —

A man goes outside his home for peace…
something has changed.

So tired — moaning
and groaning all the time.
I’m waiting.

I did the best I could.
I ain’t got it.
Weariness has, in fact,
won in this room.

All pretenses…

I want to do so many things
that they are driving
me kind of crazy.

What is there to be pleasant ’bout?
Don’t nothing happen for you in this world.

I got me a dream
night after night
Just for a second…
I’m choking to death,
getting cold,
slowly and swiftly.
Nothing but dreams.

It’s gone now.
Going backwards instead of forwards.

Sometimes I see guys don’t look much older than me,
college boys came into manhood today,
ain’t satisfied or proud
of nothing we done.

All I want, all I want
is to be somebody in this world.

I don’t know what it is.
Tired of everything.
How different we done become.

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