Reading Challenge: The Books I Read in 2015

So, I was a little ambitious with my reading goal this year:


I’m still proud to say I’ve  read 24 books, although it’s a bit misleading since some of the books are rather short. Here’s all 24 I read:


As you can see, seven of the 24 came from re-reading on a whim the Harry Potter series. Two books are books of poetry (Three Lines and Citizen), four are graphic novels (The Metamorphosis, The Road to Civil War, The Homeland Directive and Civil War), one was memoir (My Fight/Your Fight), fiction from two of my favorite authors (Lee Child’s Personal and Harlan Coben’s The Stranger), three new authors, one based on a recommendation (Ellis’ City of Fire, Oates’ Zombie, and Andy Weir’s The Martian), and a school-assigned book, which turned out to be really great (Redeployment). 

The best of the 24, which is really the best of the 17 since I’m not going to count Harry Potter, is probably a toss up between Weir’s sci-fi novel and Claudia Rankine’s prose poetry, but they’re obviously quite different books.

So, what did you guys and gals read this year?

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