Star Wars Doesn’t Need China

Yep, Star Wars doesn’t need ’em.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is estimated now to have made $528 million globally, which is the biggest global opening weekend ever, surpassing Jurassic World’s $524 million opening. What’s particularly impressive about this is that Star Wars did it without the boost of China, the second biggest film market in the world. Jurassic World had a $99 million boost from China. Star Wars doesn’t open there until Jan. 9.

Variety, by the way, got it wrong. They said Jurassic World made $90 million from China on its opening weekend. Nah, it’s $99 million:

Jurassic World

Also, it beat Jurassic World’s domestic weekend opening, obviously, with estimates now as high as $247 million, which is almost $40 million higher than Jurassic World.

I remember when Spider-Man 3’s $151 million opening weekend was mind-blowing. Now we’re almost $100 million beyond that ceiling. Wowzers, the Force, though.

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