How High Will Force Awakens Go?

Whelp, if you’re a box office nerd like me, today is an exciting day. For the first time in 18 years, James Cameron has been dethroned as the all-time leader of the box office. Since 1997, Titanic and then Avatar in 2009, have reigned as the top two films in domestic history (Avatar at #1 and Titanic at #2).

But Star Wars: The Force Awakens today passed Avatar. Here’s where we stand (keep in mind, this top 10 isn’t adjusted for inflation):

top ten

Let’s check it: three Star Wars films, including the latest, four comic book movies (two Avengers and two Batman flicks, respectively), the sequel/reboot to the formerly #1 box office film ever (1993’s Jurassic Park), Jurassic World, and then Cameron’s two insanely successful films.

But here’s the crazy statistic: Force Awakens accomplished this feat in a mere 20 days, compared to Avatar’s 318 days and two releases. That’s remarkable and astounding.

So what’s next? $800 million is a definite lock and as you can tell, it would mark the first domestic film to reach that milestone without accounting for inflation. Then, it’s about whether it can make it to $900 million and beyond. I certainly think $900 million could be within shouting distance.

Let’s look at the adjusted for inflation chart:

Star Wars1.PNG

To even be in this top 20 is astounding. To be in the top 20, as Star Wars: The Force Awakens is, after only 20 days of release is astonishing.

I think it has a real shot of cracking just the outside of the top 10, which would mean grossing over $860 million, surpassing 101 Dalmatians. As for cracking the top 10, passing Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ $938 million is a tall order, but not totally unbelievable.

Finally, again, to return to the international take, as I’ve said prior, Star Wars just ain’t gonna top Avatar’s global total. It just doesn’t have the international pull. Even if it overwhelms predictions in China, it still won’t be enough to compensate. Still, it could top Titanic’s $2.1 billion since $2 billion for Star Wars seems like a lock, but an additional $600-$700 million? Nah.

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