Ryan Owens’ widow as an unwitting prop in President Trump’s macabre play


One of the most nauseating things (among many) that happened in the speech last night was Trump using Carryn Owens, widow to the U.S. Navy Special Operator Senior Chief William “Ryan” Owens as a political prop. It received an enormous applause and standing ovation, but it was nauseating.

In America, nothing is quite more revered and used as a litmus test than, “Applaud the soldiers,” but we have to address reality that goes beyond gross, manipulative prop points in a speech (and that’s exactly what Trump did with Owens, he used her and her dead husband as a prop to tell a lie).

The reporting on the Yemen raid is thus: no significant intelligence was gained, the father refused to meet with Trump and demanded answers and most importantly, 25-30 civilians were killed, including children.

This is Tillman-levels of manipulative, nauseating crap. As The New York Times newest campaign said, the truth is hard. But these are the hard truths we have to speak, even if it means going against the great religion of America (its military) and the narrative yarns we spin.

It was hard to watch her getting emotional, but it was even harder knowing she as being lied to right to her face.

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