Food Review: Cap’n Crunch’s Berrytastic Pancake Mix

Well, it wouldn’t be a day that ends in “y” if I didn’t blog about food. Let’s be honest, I love all food. I self-describe as a garbage disposal; I’ll eat almost anything (I don’t know if this analogy actually works because I don’t know anything about garbage disposals). But my proclivity is for breakfast food. Breakfast food is the perfect combination of all the things someone like me — a big child in an adult’s body — would love: sweet sweetness at every turn.

I mean, breakfast food, by and large, is an excuse to eat butter and syrup, and who doesn’t love butter and syrup? One of my favorite breakfast dishes are pancakes. Any kind.

Pancakes with bananas or blueberries or raspberries or blackberries or strawberries baked into the mix or as toppings. Pancakes made with cottage cheese. Pancakes made with oatmeal. Pancakes made with cottage cheese and oatmeal. Pancakes with cinnamon. Pancakes with whip cream. Pancakes with all other kinds of spices (nutmeg is one of my favorite additions). Pancakes with milk as the liquid. Pancakes with water as the liquid. Pancakes and chocolate (and different kinds of chocolate!). Pancakes and peanut butter (that one is a harder sell in preparation because it’s hard to flip). Protein pancakes have been a recent addition I enjoy because unlike typical pancakes loaded with carbs, the protein ones don’t make me as sleepy.

I could keep going, but you get the picture. The latest set of pancakes I’ve picked up to try? Cap’n Crunch’s Berrytastic Pancake Mix. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m also a cereal fiend, and Cap’n Crunch (all kinds!) is one of my favorite cereals, so this was a no-brainer purchase once I saw the Cap’n eating some berry pancakes on the cover.


I whipped them up today. As with a ready-to-go mix, it’s easy. Eyeball (sometimes I’ll actually measure it out, but when I’m in a hurry, I don’t bother or if I can’t find the measuring cup …) the cup or so of dry mix and toss in some water until it looks like enough. Stir, but don’t stir too much, as some lumps are good. Spray the skillet, and let it rip. The first one always turns out ugly, but the rest look decent enough. I personally like ’em a little overcooked rather than soft and fluffy.

The pancake mix in this case look like a dry cement with some colorful dots, as you can see from the picture above of the pancake cooking on the skillet.

I tried one without adding any syrup or butter so I could see if it actually tastes like berries and had that potent flavor. Well, potent isn’t a word I would use. They certainly do taste like the cereal, so mission accomplished in a sense, but it’s rather faint.

I suppose I could have kicked it up a notch if I had also picked up the Cap’n Crunch Ocean Blue Maple Flavored Syrup they sell in conjunction with the pancakes. It looks like pure sugar death. But of course I would try it.


Garbage disposal!

One other good thing about them compared to say the protein pancakes or other ones I’ve had is that they are only 160 calories for about two four-inch pancakes, so that’s not too shabby. Granted, who only eats two four-inch pancakes? Good grief.

Overall, I would say they were good because they’re pancakes that taste enough like the cereal, and of course I’m going to eat them again because I’m certainty not going to waste the box. If I had to rate ’em out of five stars, I would give these pancakes a solid three and a half out of five stars. I consider that essentially average.

Have you had these particular goofy pancakes before? What kind of pancakes do you usually like? (I will not accept the blasphemy of not liking pancakes at all. Just kidding, you can share that opinion with me, but I’ll judge you forever.)

5 thoughts

    1. Thank you for commenting! If you like sweet cereal and pancakes, I would give it a shot! When I was at the store, it was the first time I’ve seen it at the store, so I don’t know how long it’s been around. But I found it at a grocery store in Ohio in the United States.


  1. The pancake I like has dried blueberries, chocolate Nesquik, vanilla, cinnamon, gluten-free flour mix, 1 egg, whole milk, unsalted butter, and protein powder for batter. Creamy peanut butter, blueberry syrup, jalepeno juice, and chocolate syrup are the combined toppings for the pancake. So many flavours for one pancake that it makes my head spin with joy!


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