I Made It a Month Without Eating Food Out

You know, I spent 15 minutes trying to think of another one of my not-so-clever plays on a movie (or book!) title, and then I realized, just say the thing. Just say it!

As I’ve written before, I’ve been trying to eat better, which is mostly counting calories via MyFitness Pal, making a conscious effort to incorporate more healthy items (in other words, one could stay within the 2,300 daily calorie limit goal I have on MyFitnessPal and still eat terribly nutritiously), and in so doing, I haven’t eaten out a meal since June 24.

That’s 30 days! I’ll take that as a full month, and I’m not be too hard on myself that it wasn’t 31 days or 32 days just for extra goal cushioning.

Eating out is what it sounds like: Ordering food from a restaurant (fast food, fast casual or a regular restaurant) or going through the drive-through of said establishments or getting takeout/carryout from said establishments. Off the top of my head, I think the last meal on June 24 was a pizza from somewhere, probably Donatos Pizza (they have a killer salad I love getting with the pizza, so hey).

Aside from helping my waistline — in the time from that last meal on June 24 to July 24, I’ve lost 6.6 pounds, which is virtually all from dieting; I’ve done some working out, but not enough to shake the needle like that, in my opinion — it’s also helped my wallet. I was spending outrageous amounts of money on eating out every single day.

It’s a small victory, a victory that didn’t seem possible on June 25 or June 26 or June 27 or … Because, as you may have gathered by now, I’m a whimsical person. I get really into something, then fade out. Or I decide I’m going to do something and flame out. There have been many times in the past six months or at other points in my life where I got into a mood of, “Alright, time to eat better,” only for it to backfire within three days or seven days.

This time, I had the goal in the back of my head to make it one full month without eating out, and this time, I made it.

As Jeb Bush might say, please clap. I kid, I kid. It was a personal goal and since I’ve restarted the blog (incidentally, during this time period!), I want to keep sharing personal elements of my life, including the diet struggles.

All of that said, I did some (safe!) traveling this weekend, which will be the subject of some upcoming blog posts, and because of that, I ate out again for the first time since that pizza on June 24.

Woo boy, let me tell you. When you haven’t eaten out for 30 days, doing so again is a shock to the system. It’s like taking the ice bucket challenge again. I had a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin and a hash brown, and felt awful after. I think I would have felt less gross if I had not gotten the greasy hash brown.


Let’s hope this one day of badness out of necessity (that’s how I’m rationalizing it at least) doesn’t start a slippery slope. That’s partly why I had the month-long goal in mind because I know if I play the game in my head of, oh well, you can eat bad on Saturdays as long as you good Sunday through Friday, is a failing strategy. Because if I eat bad on Saturdays, then I’ll eat bad on Sundays and Mondays and Tuesdays and …

I epitomize a slippery slope back into madness. So best to try to avoid that.

But, for now, I’m pretty happy with myself, a fleeting feeling I’ll hold on to for the duration of this blog post.

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