Superman and Michael Myers Walk Into a Bar …

I’m not sure if I’ve ever made this connection in my head before, but something I realized when writing about Superman recently is that Superman: The Movie and Halloween both came out in 1978.

Obviously, Superman wasn’t born/created in 1978 like Michael Myers was, but I think the definitive portrayal of Superman by Christopher Reeve certainly was.

Putting professional wrestling aside, my three favorite fictional characters across any medium, so television, film, books, etc., are Superman, Michael Myers, and Jack Reacher. Reacher wouldn’t be created by Lee Child for another for nearly another 20 years in 1997’s The Killing Floor, which kicked off the series. On a different day, I would probably slot Harry Potter ahead of my boy Reacher.

There’s actually a lot of good fictional characters to choose from and it’s hard to narrow down the more I think about it. But the top two are indisputably Superman and Michael Myers, and it’s more virtually tied than one above the other.

So for two of those characters to have a big showing out in the same year blows my brain.

Also, I think that says a lot about my personality that two of my favorite characters in the fictional world are polar opposites of each other. Superman is pure good and Michael Myers is pure evil. Superman is virtually analogous to a Christ-like figure, and Myers is literally analogized to the Devil.

Both also wear costumes, which is about the only throughline I can do between Superman and Michael Myers beyond the year 1978. Superman has his cape when he’s being Superman, and in his glasses when he’s being Clark Kent. Michael Myers wears a blue jumpsuit and his famous William Shatner-inspired mask.

Well, I guess there’s one more: Uh, both get rather fixated on the same girl. Superman/Clark Kent with Lois Lane, and Michael Myers with Laurie Strode.

Okay, there’s another one: Both are associated now with iconic theme songs.

They are also both known for spawning terrible (but still fun to watch!) sequels, and reboots that fans deride for not sticking the landing. And both are known for portrayals that fans feel are hard to top: Christopher Reeve as Superman, and Nick Castle as Michael Myers.

And now that I continue thinking about it, there is one more, and I think it’s the reason I like both: They are super powerful. Superman is obviously damn near indestructible unless you have some kryptonite. And Michael Myers is the embodiment of evil, a supernatural force, aka, The Shape, and is only almost beatable if you have a Dr. Loomis.

For some reason, I find that trait fun to watch? Whether it’s used for good or evil purposes. I like the idea of someone being purely good and powerful enough to back it up, and I find something thrilling (in a horrifying way, of course) about someone being purely evil, and being able to back it up.

They also will come back, if it seems they’ve died. Superman came back after Doomsday killed him. Michael Myers came back after we thought he was dead after the 1981 sequel when he was blown up.

I love these characters. As I sit here writing this, I have a Halloween poster (from the 2018 movie) hanging on my wall by my bed, and opposite that wall are two Superman pictures. I’m also listening to the Halloween soundtrack.

Incidentally, at the same time, I’ve recently been re-watching Smallville for the second time, and listening to hours of podcast talk about the Halloween films (stay tuned for more on that). I can’t get enough. I never get tired of these two characters.

Also, for the record, Superman wouldn’t even need to lift a finger to take down Michael Myers, as much as I love Michael Myers. Supernatural force or not, Superman could punch him to the moon. A butcher knife wouldn’t be useful at all against Superman unless Michael has access to kryptonite.

But it would be a fun visual for me to see a Superman/Michael Myers mash-up, and in fact, probably more fun to see the mash-up of Lois Lane and Laurie Strode, who are probably more opposite characters in the 1978 films than Superman and Michael Myers. I kid, I kid … sort of.

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  1. Those are some very funny and interesting connections between the two characters! The “Halloween” movies are amazing. My favorite scene is when Michael Myers walks through the glass door of the hospital in the second film 🤣

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! It’s funny, when I started writing it, I only had the one connection and then as I thought about it, I kept thinking of more haha. And yes! That’s the best scene in that movie, I love it.

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