Product Review: Husband Pillow

Disclaimer right off the top: I’m not paid to write this product review, although I wouldn’t be opposed to doing that, if you’re reading and want to pay me to write product reviews! It’s just something I recently got off of Amazon and I wanted to discuss it.

Who knew I’d end up with a husband so soon?

So, last Friday, I was watching wrestling using a different pillow propped up on the bed, and it’s one of those hotel-style firm pillows. Like, super firm, almost like there’s a brick inside. The idea being that it gives you nice back support when you’re sitting up in the bed, as I was.

Since it wasn’t my pillow, that spurred me on to search Amazon for a pillow similar to that, and after researching, I settled on what they call the Husband Pillow. As you can see from the featured photo, it’s rather enormous at about 31 inches tall and 16 inches across, dark grey, and it even comes with arm rests! A pillow with arm rests! The arm rests extend out about seven inches, which is more than enough for me.

There’s also a neck roll off bungee thingamajig, although I haven’t attached that part yet. Here’s what it would look like with the neck rest:

91ggoTryaTL._AC_SL1500_It’s memory foam, and came in a giant box, of course. The instructions told me to essentially leave it alone for 24 to 48 hours to let it fluff out because of how they have to pressurize it to be able to package and send it. That’s what I did because I wanted to be patient and use it right. So today was the first day trying it out. I love it! I love the little arm rests, and I love how firm it is compared to a normal pillow.

For more context, I do the vast, vast majority of my writing for work and this blog while at my bed hideously propped up with three regular pillows. That’s two pillows horizontally stacked, with another pillow as the “back/neck rest,” if you will. It’s not comfortable and I don’t know how I’ve done it for all these years. I often have back and neck issues.

Yes, I’m only 29. Fun, huh?

The firm support here is perfect for me. I’m curious to try it out with the neck part attached next. There’s also the nifty feature that you can remove the cover and wash it, if need be. There’s even a cute side pocket, if for some reason, I wanted to put my phone or remote in it, and an additional back pocket for anything else I’d conceivably want to put in there. I haven’t tried either pocket yet, but that they exist as options cracks me up in a good way.

There’s also the capability to adjust the firmness by unzipping the side and adding or removing the memory foam. As of now, it seems perfect as is to me. But again, that that option exists makes this quite the versatile pillow.

Who knew one pillow could do so much, including excelling at the primary goal of back support?

With 3,404 ratings, it has 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon. I was sold. It is pricey, to be fair. I spent $84 on it, which is a lot, but I can be whimsical, and I also truly need the back support for work and leisure purposes.

And so far, it sure seems like a price worth paying given how well it’s working out for me. I’m also basing that opinion on about an hour of sitting in it, but having sat in my usual setup for most of the day prior to that, the difference is noticeable and a vast improvement.

If you’re someone like me who spends an inordinate amount of time in your bed, then I’d highly recommend this Husband Pillow.

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